This is a PR friendly blog.

This blog is an outlet for personal creative purposes expressing my views and opinions of certain products at the time however, these are subject to change in the future. All the content that is featured on this blog is 100% written and edited by myself and while some products may work for me, they may not work for every individual and therefore will not be held liable for any problems or complications. The photographs have been also been taken by myself and for my purposes only unless mentioned otherwise. If you wish to use any of these photos, please contact me beforehand and give appropriate credit. If there are spelling/grammar/links to incorrect sites found within my posts, I will take full responsibility and notification would be much appreciated.

In the event that I am lucky enough to have been sent a product from a company to review, it will be marked with an asterisk (*) however my opinions will remain completely honest and reflect the style and content of this blog. In the event of a sponsored post, it will be clearly marked within the post.

Blog stats can be provided on request.

Izzy xx


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