Month: October 2014

In the Spotlight | Maybelline

Today I’m back with another post for the “In the Spotlight” series however I thought I would be a little bit crazy and do a drugstore brand with Maybelline. Now I’m not normally a drugstore kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love a […]


Review | Dior Star Foundation

Today’s post features a personally, very highly sought after product. As I am a complete makeup junkie when it comes to base products, I just knew sooner or later I was going to need it in my life and well, here we are. As you may or […]


Haul | Lush Holiday Collections

After recently seeing that Lush had brought out their Holiday Collections of bath bombs and other shower items, I knew I had to pick a few things up. The new launches include products reflective of both the Christmas and Halloween holiday seasons and to be […]


The One and Only Tag

Hello again! Long time no blog I know, I apologise. Life has been a little crazy lately but today I managed to find a bit of time to post about “The One and Only Tag”. I was tagged by the lovely Ash from The Beauty […]


GRWM | Occupational Therapy Ball

Last Friday night I attended my university’s annual Occupational Therapy Ball which was held at Victoria Park Golf Course. This night marked an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and hard work of my fellow peers and lecturers and boy did we celebrate hard! As I was […]