Anastasia Beverly Hills Haulin’


Hello again! It’s feels like I haven’t posted in so long even though its only been less than a week. Probably something to do with the fact that I’m drowning in -what feels like- an ocean of uni work. But honestly, enough about the boring stuff, let’s get down to business and talk about what we’re really here for right? Makeup. And in particular today something I do best, makeup hauling.


So recently I made a cheeky and very unnecessary (it felt necessary at the time okay…) order of some Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products from Urban Outfitters. I had been meaning to try out some of their brow products for a while now however because they’re not readily accessible in Australia, I kept forgetting. But nevertheless, the craving has now been fulfilled and I have three exciting new brow products to play around with! They are the Brow Wiz, Tinted Brow Gel and the Dip Brow Pomade.  I’ve only used these products a couple of times since receiving them but let me tell you, my brow game has been going strong and I’ve even gotten a few compliments!



I also just want to quickly mention and give a shout out to Urban Outfitters about how impressed I am with their pricing and shipping. Firstly, the prices they charge for cosmetics are almost equal to what you would pay in the US (taking into account the conversion) which is pretty much unheard of in Australia due to the ridiculous prices that we are used to paying. Secondly, shipping for items with a value of over $50 is free which again, is almost impossible to get from a large number of American companies shipping to Australia (sometimes we end up having to pay $20-$30 just for shipping!!) And finally, the wide selection and variety of products that their beauty department offers. It is amazing for those hard to find brands in Australia such as Limecrime, NYX and Anastasia to name I few. I know this sounds a bit like a sponsored post but I can promise you it’s not, I am just extremely impressed and thought I would share this knowledge with those who may have some difficulty finding those kinds of brands.

What are some of your holy grail brow products? Let me know!

Izzy xx


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Hi I'm Isabel, 19 years old and a second year Occupational Therapy student. I have a passion for makeup, skincare and everything beauty and enjoy collecting makeup. You are welcome to contact me on or follow me on my social media platforms: Instagram: @confessionsofamakeuphoarder Twitter: @izzyb113 I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing and posting. - Izzy xx

6 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Haulin’”

  1. Omg, I also recently purchased some Anastasia BH products from the Urban Outfitters website and I was thoroughly impressed with the prices and free shipping to Canada! I can’t wait to get my items in the mail 🙂 Great blog btw!! xoxo


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  3. lirev says:

    I ordered the Anastasia Brow Wiz on BeautyBay a week ago with free shipping. I’ve just discovered both BeautyBay and FeelUnique which both have some sort of free shipping (beauty bay on order above a certain price). Its so annoying how so many products you can’t get here in Sydney! But super excited about Sephora coming in december – although no urban decay product unfortunately. I love your pictures btw 🙂


    • Oh gosh I know right! I feel like I buy more online than I do in stores. Although I’ve got a bit of a Mecca addiction… I’m unbelievably keen for Sephora, I was actually even going to fly down from Brisbane to go! xx


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