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When it comes to buying foundation, it can be quite a daunting task. There are so many different products and brands on the market today that offer different things to cater for each individual’s wants and needs. However, there are several questions you should probably ask yourself before choosing a foundation or base which is right for you. Here are a couple: Which kind of finish do I want? What is going to best suit my skin type? Will it make me break out? So that being said, here are a few of my favourite picks because if there is specifically one thing I love about makeup hoarding, -oops, I mean collecting…- it’s hoarding foundations and base products.



As you may have read from my previous post, I am in a – what I would say – committed relationship with my Dior Diorskin BB Creme. There is just something about this product that just evens out the skin tone, smoothes over imperfections and creates a natural but dewy and healthy look to your skin. Although the price tag for this product is a bit steep ($70AUD) it has earned its popularity for good reason. On the other end of the spectrum, we take a look in the drugstore. The Garnier BB Creme Miracle Skin Perfector ($11-14AUD) is another base product that I have been really impressed by. At less than a quarter of the price of the Dior BB creme, this Garnier product also does a really good job of evening out skin tone and leaving a natural look to the skin. That being said, this product is more sheer and runnier than it’s Dior counterpart which can create a bit of a mess when you’re in a rush however it is easily buildable and for the price you pay, you can’t really complain! Moving into the category of tinted moisturisers, the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser ($56AUD) has earned my pick of the bunch. It has a very similar texture and finish to the Dior BB creme – which I obviously love – and is great for those days when you just want a bit more coverage on your skin but don’t want to look too done up. It applies beautifully with either fingers, a sponge or a brush and wears quite well throughout the day. With all three of these products I tend to use both a primer and setting powder (through my T zone) as I have combination skin and can get quite shiny down the centre of my face during the day.



For this category, I have chosen three foundations that I personally love. Firstly, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Need I say more? This product is absolutely stunning. It is a light to medium coverage foundation that is very buildable and gives a natural but slightly dewy look to the skin. (Can you tell I love this finish?) Like the Dior BB cremeVitalumiere Aqua is not cheap by any means ($77AUD) but is well worth the money and has also definitely earned its cult following. However, because it is such an expensive product, I try to use it sparingly and tend to only wear this on special occasions during the day as it does contain SPF15. That being said, I have discovered an almost identical foundation in the Bourjois Happy Light Foundation for a fraction of the price ($29AUD). This foundation mirrors the Vitalumiere Aqua in terms of it finish it gives and the way it applies on the skin but does fall short when it comes to lasting power. Even after using a primer, I will generally have to touch up the Bourjois foundation three or four times as opposed to once or twice with the Chanel foundation throughout the day. For a drugstore product though, I am thoroughly impressed and will definitely continue to wear it on a daily basis. Finally, I have a foundation specifically for all those oily girls out there. The Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation is one that I tend to wear only in the summertime if I want a flawless base. This product is a medium to full coverage base that, like the name suggests, completely mattifies the skin, evens out the skin tone and covers up almost all my blemishes and redness. This product claims to have added skincare benefits of improving the skin’s overall appearance – blemishes, acne scars and pores – within 4 weeks of use which, to be honest, I didn’t really see a major difference in. However, it also claims to absorb the excess oil on your face without the need for touchups and this, I can definitely say was the case. I even wore this foundation to the gym a couple of times and honestly, it looked the same after my workout as it did before. With all these added benefits also comes a hefty price ($76AUD) but if you’re in the market for a new medium to full coverage foundation for those hot summer days, definitely check this one out!

If you have any other foundation/base product recommendations for oily/combination skin or would like to see reviews of my favourite products in other categories (ie. lips, eyes, cheeks etc.) please let me know!

Izzy xx

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Hi I'm Isabel, 19 years old and a second year Occupational Therapy student. I have a passion for makeup, skincare and everything beauty and enjoy collecting makeup. You are welcome to contact me on or follow me on my social media platforms: Instagram: @confessionsofamakeuphoarder Twitter: @izzyb113 I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing and posting. - Izzy xx

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